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Donate for Purpose

Please donate: Why? 5% of all sales will go towards the charity featured here. NAMI Foundation ( This  foundation is dear to our heart for different reasons. Mental health issues affect all communities on so many different levels. The current Healthcare system continues to fail in regards to these very social problems. The NAMI foundation wishes to raise awareness about the need to tackle mental health and social issues in deprived areas. I am a small business owner interested in making a difference outside of myself by making contributions to this organization. Our planet's health is very dear to me as well and therefore this is why I use eco friendly products. Global warming and soil degradation effects are real and have been present for many years (first reported in the 1960's) and are increasingly impacting all of us.

My plan is to raise awareness of these issues for the greater good. 

What will your contribution do?: First, you will help people in need living in crisis. Second, you will purchase an awesome product that is earth friendly. Third, you will contribute to a beneficial cause outside of yourself. So in essence you will contribute to a great cause by helping others, helping the planet and getting an awesome product. We will all win.

If you just want to give a direct donation:


We are eager to provide you with our cruelty free, plant based products for your self-care needs. Lena Ve' 22 as a company really appreciate you. If you have not signed up for our email list please do so, we will be happy to have you as a member. 

An Aesop inspirational quote "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted".