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Marlena Velez, Owner

We are a Holistic Care business, meaning that our products focus on encouraging the total person to better health and made all natural. Soap making has a dual purpose for me because I have very sensitive skin (as does my entire family) and I like to pamper myself. When my mother got sick with breast cancer, I wanted to give her a soap that would not damage her skin any further than what the chemotherapy did and yet smell delightful in the process. I gave her a bar, and the outcome from use was a success, plus she loved her bar! Since then, I have given other family and friends bars, and they also gave favorable and positive feedback. With the resources to a healthier soap bar I decided to help others with sensitive skin by starting my business. I believe holistic living is the best lifestyle, it's a way to enjoy natural, physical, motivational products and heal our souls and our planet. I believe in truth and the truth is a natural lifestyle has always been beneficial for all of us. My business foundation focus on three core components to individuality:


​MIND: Everyone should have a self-care routine of private time to let go, relax, practice calm, peaceful, positive vibes daily ("you are what you think ") The goal is to provide you with the motivation for your self-care routine and to cultivate a desire to have positive thoughts. 


BODY: All ingredients are naturally sourced, Vegan and Plant-Based friendly. ("You are what you treat") Thus, providing a healthy alternative to personal care. I have an extensive background in skin care. My skincare knowledge is not only from personal experience but also extends from a professional 30+ year career. 


SOUL: We are all connected to one another, this planet and nature. I strive to encourage others to live with a positive mind, rejuvenate the body, encourage positive societies, and regenerated our planet. I have always lived a life of serving others both professionally and personally. ("You are how you live") 

Fun Fact: At the age of 14, I attended a Pivot Point Cosmetology School (John Amico School of Cosmetology) and got my Cosmetology license at 16. I attended high school and beauty college at the same time. I went to cosmetology school at night and high school full time during the day. I did that so that while I was away at (SIUE)-university school studying (age 17), I could earn money and do students hair so they could look and feel good while also away from home. I later obtained my nursing license to further assist people with their health; focusing on skin care. You are in great hands 😁

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   Our mission is to contribute to a better society and raise awareness to the benefits of a Holistic Lifestyle using plants. We provide our customers with an inviting relaxation time, meditation space, and motivation to effortlessly encourage positive vibes and lifestyle changes using nature. Our desire is to decrease the ongoing harmful effects of untreated Mental Health issues in disadvantaged communities, to every individual by providing mentally positive focused products. Doing such will encourage greater purpose for everyone.


Our vision is that more people transition to a Holistic Lifestyle to improve their personal life, then their family and friends, then ultimately their communities. Our vision is to assist consumers with routine self-care products to encourage a greater holistic purpose, provide highly beneficial products for that self-care relaxation, and educate on the benefits of self-care alternatives both physically and mentally. Lena Ve' Essentials, llc. wishes to drive income back into communities by way of job creation and community pride within neighborhoods, cities, nationally and then globally. We envision that our company will help raise awareness to the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle with plants, mental health care and the urgent need to restore our planet for generations to come. By doing such, we will together restore our planet for the benefit everyone.