"Self-Care Boutique" 

~Raise your vibration for balance from bath 2 bed~


Lena Ve' 22 Boutique focuses on mentally and physically overwhelmed people by providing you with beneficial luxury products for your self-care routines. Our luxurious self-care and lounge products are created so that you protect your energy from the outside world. We sell relaxation products from bath to bed, such as all-natural bar soaps, moisturizing body care, at-home loungewear, and more.


We wish to encourage at-home relaxation that nurtures your soul, allowing you to experience mental calm, without the anxieties and stress from the world. Relax in your quiet space and stimulate positive vibes within. Our desire is to assist you, for the benefit of you, both physically and mentally.


What People Are Saying


Dawn, B- Customer-TX

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Amazing Amazing Soaps that have changed my life because of your awesome Products my skin this clearing up and looking and feeling better .. I'm starting to show my skin more thank so much for all you do I'm truly Blessed to find you and your products .. thank you from the bottom of my heart !! I will be buying more products soon .. my skin feels so much better after a nice shower . I feel wonderful !!! thank you sooooo much again Be Blessed, Dawn Bautista !!


Lenajoe R-Customer-IN

Great for all skin types all-natural and gluten-free very great product 👍🏼


Maria TMM- Customer-IN

I use the Lavender Chamomile soap every day, it makes my skin feel so silky soft after my shower! I will be buying again soon!

Marcel, M- Customer, MI

This soap is Amazing and the quality is second to none. I ordered the unscented green tea, and the midnight beach. I have never got compliments on soap before, but the midnight beach had random people telling me how nice I smelled. The unscented green tea was a gift for my mother, she has skin allergies and uses medicated oatmeal prescription soap, she was able to use the green tea with no issues or reactions, Thank you. I am very happy with my purchase and I will treat myself better from this point forward.